Rx Outreach Eligibility

LINK: http://rxoutreach.org/

Rx Outreach is an online discount pharmacy. Their application can be completed and faxed back directly to them. They carry approximately 300 medications with over 600 strengths available. These prescriptions generally cost $20 for a three month supply, however, in some cases the cost may be less or more. These medications are almost always the generic version and are delivered directly to the patient’s home.

Number of people in your household, including yourself and the corresponding yearly income. You must be at or below the specified income amounts to be eligible.

You $35,310
You + 1 $47,790
You + 2 $60,270
You + 3 $72,750
For each additional person add $12,480

Phone: (706) 208 9700   Mail: info@pcpmail.org