Get Help!

We are here to help you!

Physicians Circle for Patients (PCP) is a group of independent physicians, who have come together to make compassionate, coordinated and quality healthcare available to our community. 

The Physician’s Circle of Patients wants to serve as many patients as possible. There are many community resources available but not many people know about them. Some people continue to suffer because of not knowing where to go. We have created this list of resources to help you find the help when you need it. You can find information on obtaining basic needs such as Food, Shelter, Employment, Education, Medical Care and Transportation. Specialized information for certain demographic groups is available for Families and Children, Seniors, and the Visually and Hearing Impaired. There is also information on getting assistance with Prescription Medications, Rehabilitation Facilities and Affordable Telephone Service. More information on government programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security Extra Help have also been included.


PCP works in full cooperation with all area charities and non-profits.  If you know of an organization that provides assistance to needy Northeast Georgians and they are not on any of these lists, please email us at