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You must have a valid prescription for an Akrimax brand name medication listed below.

You cannot have prescription insurance coverage.

Income guidelines:

Household Size Annual Income
1 $23,450
2 $31,860
3 $40,180
4 $48,500
5 $56,820


Medications covered by the prescription assistance program:

Inderal® LA (propanolol hydrochloride) Long-Acting Capsules

Nitromist® (Nitroglycerin Lingual) Aerosol

Tirosint® (levothyroxine sodium) capsules

Suprenza (phentermine HCI) Orally Disintegrating Tablets

Primlev (Oxycodone HCI/Acetaminophen)

InnoPran XL® (propanolol hydrochloride) Extended Release Capsules

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